Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Flotillitards Now Turn To Flytillitarding

Some pro-Pali "activists" that have failed to set sail to Gaza, due to Greek authorities being mean to them, have decided to fly into Israel's Ben Guiron Airport.

Naturally, Israel is adding extra security to deal with said activists. They plan on being nice and stuff to them cuz said activists want to get into a confrontation with Israeli authorities so they can film it and cry foul....Pallywood style

Aussie Dave has his own ideas on how Israel should handle the provocateurs. I like these two:
3. Have special bus waiting to transport them to Gaza. The bus should have Israeli flags painted on outside, and take the scenic route, going through places such as Silwan and other areas of east Jerusalem, as well as places in Judea and Samaria.

4. Have the women change into short skirts and the men shorts, and shirts with the words “ Down With The Modesty Police” or “Down With Terrorism” for both the women and men. Then drop them off in Gaza.

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