Thursday, March 3, 2011

Al Qaeda's Russian Affliate: Caucuses Emirate Dokku Abu Usman urges total war against Russia

Video via or jihadist 'website' per Kavkaz [al Qaeda's Russian affiliate] above. Amazingly, Kavkaz's name is at the beginning of the video but they site a 'jihadi website'. Reason? I think they, umm, kinda lost the site where video's are hosted.

Oh, and they really love Jawa Report.

The Chechen rebel who claimed responsibility for the bombing of an airport in Moscow in January released a new video, in which he appealed for recruits for a total war against Russia, according to a post on, a militant website.

Chechen-born Islamist rebel Doku Umarov earned the moniker of the Russian Usama Bin Laden after he claimed responsibility for the Moscow metro attack that left 40 dead in March 2010.

Similar to the frustrations the U.S. has dealt with in Afghanistan and Iraq, these terror groups often get more loyal and secretive the closer one gets to the nucleus. In turn, usable information is often scant and unreliable.
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