Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good News Akhi! AQAP's Inspire Magazine Issue V

The magazine, again. asks US supporters to kill kaffir at malls, nightclubs, etc. The weapon of choice is still the AK-47.

Rusty asks:
Isn't it a bit hypocritical for Samir Khan, the North Carolina man who publishes AQAP's online magazine, to urge would-be terrorists in the West to forget about coming to Yemen or Pakistan?

After all, Samir had five years of openly supporting al Qaeda from his mom's basement. Instead of picking up a gun and killing a few of his neighbors, the little prick got on an airplane and headed to Yemen. Even in Yemen he's not picking up a rifle, only a computer keyboard.

So one wonders why he bothered leaving his mommy's basement if he wasn't going to actual fight? Wouldn't it be much easier for him to publish al Qaeda's English language magazine from home? You know, he could write Death to America and then shout upstairs for his mom to make me a cheese sammich!
But Samir, like all al Qaeda leaders with inflated egos, thinks he's too important to do the actual dying himself.
Inspire 'column' continues with "Why did I choose alQaeda?" Sammy did one in a prior issue:

Howie posted contact emails if you so choose to ask Sammy or another terrorist a question. You may be in the next issue!

Aaron is helping the akhis to understand the encryption process so one can email their questions safely and from the comfort of mommies basement, Insha'Allah.

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