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Terrorism 101: Day 3 Propaganda & Brainwashing at Google/YT Jihad University

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Good morning students of jihad. Let's begin class, shall we?

Despite the negative connotation of the word terrorist in America as elsewhere, those who can make claim to the moniker should stand proud!

The goal of radical Islam is to reestablish the Khilafah. Your jadeed is to erode the confidence in others that they have no chance of counteracting your work.

The internet and this University in particular provide ample tools for accomplishing this goal. Acts of violence are very often used, here in class, you will learn to use videos of propaganda (another word oft misunderstood) in essence to brainwash the masses.

"Brainwashing is a multistage process whose ultimate goal is the destruction of an individual or a society's existing identity and its replacement with a new identity." SultanKnish

A dirty kaffir is trying to mess up the above jihad course: Google/YouTube Hall of Shame-Week 14
While committing vast resources to ensure that they don’t get sued for copyright infringement from Big Media and the Porn industry, Google/YouTube appears delighted to allow often horrifically-violent video clips to be able to make their way from some of the world’s most wanted Muslim terrorists (including luminaries from such esteemed organisations as Hamas, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Lakshar-e-Taiba) – into your childrens’ bedrooms.

Remember the hand-picked sample below represents a merely a tiny sampling of the thousands of hours of hateful (and often stomach-churning) Islamist propaganda, hosted for free and often exploited for commercial gain by Google/YouTube.[Click for sample dirty kaffir gives]
Please show some lovin to Sniper of Baghdad, my personal favorite. Oops, gone! Dirty kaffirs!! Feel free to comment on his/her/its channel, a follower of Ansar al Sunnah. Lots more training videos to view...Allahu Snackbar!!

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