Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The "Obstacle to Peace" (Updated)

That is, Google/YouTube facilitating jihad.
His Highness speaks - "To our brothers in Palestine, we say to them, the blood of your children is the blood of our children, and your blood is our blood. So blood for blood and destruction for destruction. And we take Allah the Almighty as our witness that we will not let you down."

Mujahideen Across the Muslim Ummah-Global Jihad for the Sake of Allah:

Screencaps from the video complete with the badder than bad mujahidirt - guns, horses, flags:

Tell us G/YT - who/what is the real Obstacle For Peace?

"don't be evil" motto fitting better every day
Andrea included more screencaps: Mujahideen of Algeria, Bosnia, Iraq, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Gaza/Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, Phillipines.

One stop shopping for jihad in one, I repeat, one video. Allahu YouTube Akbar!!

BTW, noticed Un:dhimmis' Google/YouTube Hall of Shame this week. Had a familiar name on a channel "Abu Risaas" (aka Inshallahshaheed aka Samir Khan). He hasn't visited for over a year, too busy sucking on AQAP's leaders/goats testes I suppose. Doesn't mean he never visits...just sayin, or, if it is even his channel.

Again, don't you dirty kaffirs dare flag any of these videos here or the one stop jihad one here ( as: Violent or Repulsive Content >> Supports Terrorism), ya'll will peace off Google's/YouTube akhi, again.

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UPDATE: Evil kaffirs, what did I tell you bout flagging?, you done gone and terminated some accounts. Sweet! err, bad kaffirs:

One stop jihad shopping video is gone but 'Harmless' nasheed is still there as well as Abu Risaas (aka Inshallahshaheed aka Samir) one.

Dirty kaffirs doin the work JihadTube monitors ignore..Allahu YouTube Akbar!!

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