Friday, May 27, 2011

Al Qaeda's Russian Mouthpiece, Kavkaz Center, Reacts To US Designating Islamic Caucasus Emirate a Terrorist Group

Glad tidings for Ummah? lulz
........... Emir Dokku Abu Usman has repeatedly vowed to continue attacks inside of Russia. Most recently, in a interview with the Kavkaz Center news agency, the Caucasian Emir said he considers "the Caucasus Emirate and Russia as a single theater of war." The interview was released on May 17.
USStateDept-Rewards for Justice-Doku Umarov[aka Dokku Abu Usman]

"Today, the battlefield is not just Chechnya and the Caucasus Emirate, but also the whole Russia," he continued. "The situation is visible to everybody who has eyes. The Jihad is spreading, steadily and inevitably, everywhere. I've already mentioned that all those artificial borders, administrative divisions, which the Taghut [false leader or liar] drew, mean nothing to us. The days when we wanted to secede and dreamed of building a small Chechen Kuwait in the Caucasus are over."
They also stated the designation will result in more support for the terrorist organization. Ha! In their dreams..

US Adds Islamic Caucasus Emirate To List Of Terror Groups
US Designates Caucasus Emirate Leader Doku Umarov a Global Terrorist[2010]
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