Friday, May 27, 2011

IDF Wounded Toured America

Arutz Sheva
For the second time this year a group of disabled soldiers wounded during their service in Gaza, Lebanon, and assorted terror attacks landed in New York for a ten day journey across the eastern seaboard of the United States. The disabled IDF veterans trip is a part of the One Heart venture, which is financed by Rabbi Uriel Vigler, who manages the Chabad Center for Israelis in Manhattan's Upper East Side, in collaboration with Rabbi Menachem Kutner's Chabad for Victims of Terror organization.

"These soldiers gave us more than we can ever give them," Rabbi Vigler said, noting the Chabad Center for Israelis that raised $ 100,000 to cover the expenses of the ten days of the journey. "We do everything to make them smile, give them a reason to feel a little happiness."[...]

A farewell event held last Tuesday of the soldiers. Amichai Mumberam, one of the soldiers, told attendees, "In Israel we are treated like everyone else. We are used to the fact that we are wounded for life. Here in New York you give us a special feeling - we understand that people care about us - and for us it means everything. " [More]
God Bless them, heroes all.

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