Sunday, May 1, 2011

US Special Forces Ended Osama bin-Laden's Life...America F*UCK YEAH

Osama Bin-Laden is Dead!!!!!


President Obama will give a statement in a few minutes.


Update II: Sources say we are in possession of his body and his identity is confirmed.

Live CNN Feed here.

Update by Vinnie: Reports have him being killed in a mansion outside Islamabad. Waiting to confirm.

Multiple news outlets reporting that this was a ground operation and that Bin Laden was taken out by a sniper.

UPDATE by SH: In Obama's announcement, he stated U.S. special forces took out OBL, after firefight. Hence, the reason we have his body.

A tribute to our finest and bravest who carried out this operation, God Bless You!!

Updated again by Howie: Dead Osama bin-Laden below:

He's not smiling. I guess that means. No virgins for you!

I'm seeing some questions about the authenticity of this picture?

I don't know I don't see anything obviously wrong with it. I've uploaded the quality image I have. I got it from the internet. Your opinion is as good as mine I guess. I'd love to believe its real. But can I prove its real? Nope....

If anyone has the "real picture of Dead bin-Laden, we'll run that....[Jawa Report]

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