Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Human Rights Watch Condemns Bin Laden Killing: Odious Immoral Equivalence

NGO Monitor
The “watchdog” group Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued statements questioning the US operation that killed Osama bin Laden. These statements hijack the moral principles of international law and human rights, notes Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor.

On May 3 HRW executive director Ken Roth tweeted: Ban Ki-moon wrong on #Osama bin Laden: It’s not “justice” for him to be killed even if justified; no trial, conviction
In contrast to elected officials, such as President Obama, who must choose between real options, Roth presents a fictitious alternative in which arch-terrorists in countries like Pakistan can be arrested, tried, and punished by functioning international judicial systems.[More including a posting HRW removed, due to fecking up]
h/t Bubbe, who need not apologize for what she said about this. I wholeheartedly second it Bubbe!

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