Monday, September 19, 2011

ATTN YouTube User abdullahsarim

Strike another off our LeT target list created by Andrea

Howie's count for LeT[Yesterday update on my post]
By my count we've worked to remove about 100 LeT vids in the past few weeks. My count for LeT. Started around 1740 and was down to around 1660. So this means its lower today right?

Wrong. The Jihadis are a stubborn pesky little bunch and given Youtube's total lack of pro-activity on this matter my count today us up to 1690. So keep it up kids...
Count as of this writing is 1650, yes keep it up.

Thanks for helping!

Glorifying 2008 Mumbai Terrorist Okay On Google's YouTube[Yes, YouTube hasn't suspended him yet] It's been OWND! Thanks everyone, 3 down and more to go

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