Saturday, September 24, 2011

#Occupywallstreet's Wallywood (Update)

Occupywallstreet twitter feed has been busy today, some claiming NYPD brutality!!11eleventy11!!. I watched some videos of idiots walking in the street, police pushing them back to the sidewalk so cars can get through. That's what they are calling police brutality including some protestors getting sprayed by something. Never mind the dude in the street, it's the poor innocent females!!!! And tear gas!! lulz:
You've heard of Pallywood right? Here's Wallywood:

Choice comments on video

"You have guns, right America"?
Livestream here that's unless the NYPD hasn't confiscated it yet...lulz

UPDATE: Red Eye's Bill Schulz joins Wall Street Protest..kind of<-----you gotta read it and watch video! lulz

Thanks to Vinnie, Proud Sonofabitch.

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