Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Report: Hamas weighing a resumption of suicide bombings' against Israeli civilians..

Hamas must be working on recruiting children to do their dirty work.The Hamas Jihad summer camp certainly must have given them some "likely" prospects:
Hamas is weighing a resumption of suicide bomb attacks against Israeli civilians, a senior counter-terrorism expert warned in Herzliya on Tuesday.

Col. (Ret.) Jonathan Fighel, a researcher with the Interdisciplinary Center's Institute for Counter-Terrorism, spoke at the Institute's eleventh annual terrorism conference.

"We're seeing more and more Hamas flags in Hebron. The public atmosphere to Hamas is much more lenient. This allows the creation of operational terror cells. Hamas is taking into consideration the renewal of suicide bomb attacks," Fighel said.

Fighel, who served in various operational and field posts of intelligence and research at the IDF Intelligence Corps, and who has held several command positions in the West Bank, added that Hamas is "gaining influence in the West Bank and acting more freely.
"Gaining influence" thanks to the MFM narrative from liberal antisemitic activists...

Heh kid, splode yourself for Allah and Palestine. No worries, we promise 72 playmates. They need to add a disclaimer to their message ... "we can't guarantee 72 playmates or Jannah" ..... but your a kid so what do you know?

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