Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Noes!!! IDF Training Judea and Samaria Residents for Arab's September Onslaugh

Arab MK Aghast! How dare Israelis protect their homes/selves!
The IDF has begun training Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria in advance of an expected Arab onslaught in September, ultra-leftist paper Haaretz reported Tuesday. Arabs are expected to try and march en masse on Jewish communities, hoping to overwhelm the Jews and provoke them into shooting at the Arabs[...][* quite, see below]

The mass marches are to be part of a Palestinian Authority public diplomacy campaign that will accompany a PA appeal to the United Nations for recognition as an independent state[...]
According to Haertz, two lines are drawn protecting the area. If one line is crossed the Israelis can use tear gas against the intruders. If the second line is crossed Israelis can shoot the intruders in their "legs".

I have no problem with that, but, Pallywood will be on hand to record the evil Juice attacking so-called innocent Pali/Arabs.

Everyone has a right to protect their homes/lives unless you are a Jew AND live in Israel. Sux but that's how PA/Arabs/Islamists/Islams useful idiots/leftist etc. think.


UPDATE: *What Kenny has does not fit the narrative from Haertz: About the shooting at legs, umm no

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