Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Afghanistan: Brits Unhappy With Certain Czech Unit

Headline reads
'Cowardly' troops refuse Afghan fight'
Apparently when asked by the Brits to fight terrorists, Czech troops refused.
When asked by the Britons to attack Afghan rebels, the commander of a special operations unit (SOG) said "we're not going to, it's dangerous,'' then ordered his men to get in trucks and return to the base.

On another occasion, an SOG commander decided that the task the Britons had set ran counter to the unit's mission.

Yet another time, a commander said he could not help as his soldiers were on vacation.

"I find it hard to recover from the news I get about this unit. It harms the reputation of the army,'' Czech Defence Minister Vlasta Parkanova told the daily.
I believe they have some splainin to do.

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