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(Updated & Bumped)Three Pittsburgh Policmen Murdered This AM (4/04)- Leftist Blame Glenn Beck?

RIP Officers Sciullo, Kelly and Mayhel. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this terrible tragedy.

JammieWearingFool has the full story on the lefts craziness.

A strange commenter on JWF's post said:
Sorry. You gun-clingy guys own this one.
Friggin idiot.

BTW, JFW has some interesting background info on the above commenter.

Update: Apparently the cop-killer is a anti-Semite.
Mr. Perkovic and other former classmates said they were surprised by this morning's events. Mr. Perkovic said Mr. Poplawski was opposed to "Zionist propaganda" and was fearful that his right to own weapons would be taken away but he wasn't a member of an organized group or militia.
Read the rest, Elder of Ziyon has link to MySpace page of Poplawski's friend Perkovic. Quite the evil Zionist Juice hater.

He is also a conspiracy theorist and a member of the new-nazi group Stormfront

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Update II: A fight between Poplawski and his mother over his dog urinating in the house is what apparently brought police to the house:
PITTSBURGH (AP) - A 911 call that brought two city police officers to a home where they were ambushed, and where a third was later killed during a four-hour siege, was precipitated by a fight between the gunman and his mother over a dog urinating in the house.

The Saturday morning argument between Margaret and Richard Poplawski escalated to the point that she threatened to kick him out and called police to do it, according to a 12-page criminal complaint and affidavit filed late Saturday that contains her account.

When officers Paul Sciullo III and Stephen Mayhle arrived, Margaret Poplawski opened the door and told them to come in and take her 23-year-old son, apparently unaware that he had grabbed a long rifle and was standing behind her, according to the court papers. She told investigators she heard gunshots, spun around and ran to the basement, shouting, "What the hell have you done?"
Crazy bastage. Will the moonbats now blame dog lovers for the senseless murder of these officers?

Update III: Daily Kos chimes in:
Shortly before Markos Moulitsas blamed Glenn Beck for instigating the senseless shooting of three Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, police officers on Saturday, the proprietor of the far-left website Daily Kos said that conservatives would rather shoot cops than organize to win the next election.
Classy Markos considering you didn't comment when the Oakland police officers were murdered. You know the one, where arseholes were honoring the bastage that did it.

Here is a screen cap of Markos twitter thanks to Jim Treacher

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