Friday, April 17, 2009

Taliban: NATO Chief Is Islams Major Foe

Looks like the official Taliban English website is still up, see this Jawa Report post for contact information on providers.
Afghanistan’s Taliban insurgents say the incoming NATO chief is the “major enemy” of Muslims for defending the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad when prime minister of Denmark. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Danish prime minister until earlier this month, is due in August to become secretary-general of NATO, which leads a 56,000-strong international force fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In an article posted on the Taliban’s Web site (, the insurgent group said Rasmussen’s appointment would “further strenghten[sp] the faith of the Muslims” to fight against NATO and would lead to “intensification of war” in Afghanistan.

“The major enemy of Islam’s Prophet ... has become the secretary general of NATO,” said the undated article.
Note to Taliban: You are insulting Allah by killing of innocents and children. Allah didn't send children to be used as sacrificial lambs.

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