Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama, Our Hip President?

Joined at the hip with those who do not have America's best interest at heart is my definition of teh hipness.
During his first 100 days as president of the United States, Barack Obama revealed how different he is from all the white men who preceded him in the Oval Office, and the differences run deeper — in substance and style — than the color of his skin.

Barack Hussein Obama is the nation’s first hip president.

This, of course, is subject to debate. But watch him walk. Listen to him talk. See the body language, the expressions, the clothes. He’s got attitude, rhythm, a sense of humor, contemporary tastes.
The only part of this article that doesn't make me want to gag is at the end:
“Hipness is what it is! And sometimes hipness is what it ain’t,” goes the famous song by Tower of Power. “There’s one thing you should know. What’s hip today might become passé.”
Santana w/ Tower of Power - What is Hip?

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