Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Busted: Ohio Acorn Advertised for GOTV for Obama

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the screen caps.
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Will this be another "This isn't the Organization I knew" by Obama?

ACORN certainly is trying hard to cover up their link to him, also here

UPDATE: I found more about this at No Quarter
According to Ohio Citizen Action, payments of $590,526.10 were made to Citizens Services Inc (ACORN) for “campaign consulting”. I reviewed all the FEC filings from February until June for Obama for America (Obama’s campaign
title) and found payments to CSI/ACORN. In all Obama for America made payments
totaling, $832,598.29 .

The FEC filings can be found here: Federal Election Commission.

BTW, I like this image from Israel Matzav, click image for more.

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