Friday, October 10, 2008

Orgasms For Obama WTF?

I realize MSNBC'S Chris Matthews felt thrills up his leg when listening to Obama's speech, but, Orgasms for the "Messiah"......crazy shit right there.

Orgasms For Obama????

A one of a kind Obama rally and fundraiser as only San Francisco could produce. This event will include: top-notch DJs, all-night dancing, sensual/political performances, and features an O's for Obama guided breath-gasm experience by Destin Gerek, the Erotic Rockstar. Because Change is C O M I N G ! ! !


Destin Gerek (The Erotic Rockstar) will be hosting the event in San Francisco that will be broadcast LIVE over the internet to lead the world through a large scale orgasmic breathing experience culminating in a simultaneous group energetic breath-gasm!

Participants will be guided into using breath, sound, and movement to access their erotic energy, raise its vibration, and circulate it throughout their entire bodies, culminating in a simultaneous group energetic breath-gasm. Sound too good to be true? Come and experience it for yourself!

This is f***ed up, no other word for this...

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