Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shocka! Indoctrination U - 2008 8th Grade Literature Book Has 15 Pages Covering Obama Exclusively

Coming to an 8th grade classroom near you!

My 8th grade son is in an advanced English class at a public middle school here in Racine, Wisconsin. I just found out that my son's new (copyright 2008) Wisconsin - McDougal Littell Literature book has 15 pages covering Barack Obama.

I was shocked - No John McCain, no Hillary Clinton, no George Bush - Just Barack Obama. I'm wondering how it is that Obama's story gets put into an 8th grade literature book? It would be one thing, if it was just the tidbit about his boyhood days, but 15 pages, and they talk about his "Life of Service". Honestly, what has Obama really done to be included in this book? Not only that, but on page 847 there is a photo of Obama at the 2004 Democratic Convention with at least 8 Obama signs in the background! Front & center is an www.obama2004.com sign.

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Also, the book is by McDougal-Little Literature and it appears campaign contributions have been made by same McDougal to Obama's campaign. See Real Debate Wisconsin

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