Wednesday, October 22, 2008

South Bend: McCain/Palin Supporters Receive Nasty Letter

Anonymous letter. Just like trolls on conservative sites....they never leave a link to their site!


We're exactly three weeks from election day-- and as the countdown gets shorter it seems political emotions are growing higher-- especially in one South Bend neighborhood on the northeast side.

Several McCain supporters in that neighborhood are speaking out after getting a nasty, anonymous anti-McCain-Palin letter in the mail.

Newscenter 16 spoke with three families who got the letter in the mail on Tuesday.

They say the mailman said he delivered about eight of these letters to their northeast side neighborhood.

All the families targeted have McCain-Palin or pro-life signs in their yard.

The letter doesn't threaten the people, but takes jabs, with some "choice" language, at their political views.

“I feel like the individual is very angry about some issues,” explains Rita Nedvidek, who received one of the letters.

The letters are handwritten, all addressed to "occupant", and postmarked Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The sender takes jabs at McCain and Palin's characters and writes, "You Republican hypocrites turn my stomach."

He or she also says, "It takes a lot of audacity to put Palin's name on your front lawn."

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