Saturday, October 11, 2008

Un-Troopergate - Aint Over Yet! (Update: Video: Palin Corrects Corrupt Media On Troopergate Non-Scandal)

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Notice first "gentlemen" commented IS IN the picture above - Alaskans for Obama - first one on the left! Now tell me there was no "partisan" politics! [click image for more]

Palin's lawyer Responds
Governor Palin's Office Responds

Governor’s Office Responds to Branchflower Report

October 10, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin’s communications director Bill McAllister released the following statement on the report issued today from Steve Branchflower:

“The so-called ‘Troopergate’ incident began with Governor Palin’s removal of Walt Monegan as commissioner of public safety. Today, investigator Steve Branchflower vindicated the governor by finding that she acted within her constitutional authority to remove ‘at-will’ employees.

“However, along with several members of the Legislative Council, we question how Mr. Branchflower reached the conclusion that Governor Palin abused her power with respect to Trooper Mike Wooten. That finding required speculation and assumptions on Mr. Branchflower’s part and could not be supported solely on the basis of the evidence that he collected. We agree with the comments made that Alaskans should consider the report in total rather than relying solely on the findings.”
The Office of the Governor has released the depositions of the seven state employees named in the investigation, which include their testimony regarding internal administration discussions about Mike Wooten. The documents can be accessed at the following links:
Governor Sara Palin corrects corrupt media on Troopergate non-scandal.

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