Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque - The Return

h/t Sayan Neviot
The award winning Channel 4 Dispatches series, lauded for their "Undercover Mosque" program, returns to U.K. mosques to see what has changed in the time since their last report. Their findings, disturbing, to say the least, beg the question - Is this happening in the United States as well?

Wahhabism, what everyone should know about. Is it happening here in the US?


christian soldier said...

Thank you for the vid ..


Anonymous said...

Undercover Mosque is not award winning. The first Undercover Mosque programme, aired on Channel 4 at 8pm on January 17 in the UK, was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for Best Home Current Affairs Programme of 2007.

It did not win.

Undercover Mosque the return, aired earlier this year has so far not been nominated.

Anonymous said...

For anything...

SuperSekritZH#? said...

Well anonymous, take it up with Sayat Nevoit - whom I linked too!


SuperSekritZH#? said...

BTW anonymous, how's the weather in England?