Sunday, December 6, 2009

Assault on Christmas - "The Slutcracker"

Via Mass Resistance
Ready for a Boston-style assault on Christmas? Check out “The Slutcracker” coming to the Somerville Theatre. It’s a celebration of strippers, sadomasochism, transsexuals, and “the carefree realm of sexual fantasy.” Of course, the blurbs in Boston Magazine, the Boston Herald, or the Boston Globe only hint at how raunchy it is...more
Gawd, what assmaggots these people are.

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The Truth Will Set You Free said...

One cannot desecrate what is already filthy. The Nutcracker story has nothing to do with Our Lord Christ's birthday at all—it's filled with unnatural pairings of humans and dolls, as well as gratuitous violence. The original author of The Nutcracker, E. T. A. Hoffmann, was a Prussian who wrote novels with pagan, perverted, and non-Christian themes, and was influential to generations of decadent writers. Tchaikovsky, composer of the ballet version of The Nutcracker, was a Russian incestuous pedophile who lusted after his own 13-year-old nephew. Tchaikovsky eventually committed suicide to avoid having his sins publicly revealed, and is now burning in hell. Ballet itself has always been a cesspool of whores (only a loose woman would ever show her legs in public) and faggots (no real man would be caught dead dancing onstage in tights). I hope none of the readers here have their daughter in ballet classes, otherwise they may as well hand them a stripper pole and a whip. Say what you will about Islamic dictatorships, at least they don't allow their women and homosexuals to flaunt themselves like this in public—they stone them to death.

Perhaps we should be grateful to the maggots of Slutcracker for reminding us how rotten the meat of the Nutcracker truly is.

Blood of Christ said...

"The Truth Will Set You Free" has it right.
All ballet is European whore/fag culture. And Ballets don't pay taxes and are dependent on big government handouts of your tax money. You don't see BIG government giving free cash to real AMERICAN culture like baseball!
Ballet is the gateway drug to sin. ALL strippers have two things in common.
#1. Their mothers took them to ballet class when they were little.
#2. They were molested by there fathers. If little girls wore decent clothes instead of prancing around nearly naked in leotards, they probably wouldn't have ever even been molested.
Obviously children don't know any better, but I blame the mothers.
We need to lose PERVERTED, FOREIGN socialist culture and have more traditional American Bible based entertainment.
Until we do this, no other nation in the world will respect us.

SuperSekritZH#? said...

Ummm, Fred Phelps crazies aren't welcome here....shessh