Monday, December 28, 2009

Dearborn Muslims Plan To Protest Flight 253 Crispy Scrotum Jihadist To Show Islam Is Peaceful

It's about time Muslims protest jihadist. I just wonder how many will show up.
The organizers of a Dearborn-area group on Facebook are calling for Muslims to protest against the actions of a Nigerian man accused of trying to attack a Northwest Airlines flight en route to Detroit Metro Airport on Friday.

Majed Moughni, a Dearborn attorney, said Sunday afternoon that Muslims need to let the world know that those who would commit terrorism do not represent Islam.

"It's very frustrating to know that these guys are using Islam and committing terror," he said. "Islam stands for peace."

This is the groups Facebook site. Looks like someone from aljazeera is interested in their protest:
Mahmoud El-Hamalawy Hello all - I'm a Producer with Aljazeera TV and wanted to speak to someone from the group about what message your trying to send. If interested (and available) please send me a message or get back to me - we're doing a feature story on this topic and will conduct a few interviews. Please let me know, thanks....
"What message they are trying to send?????? Sheesh...

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