Thursday, December 17, 2009

Message To Muslim Women From Al Zawahiri's Old Lady

Beings I was outed by Rusty as Ansar007 on al Mosul I would like to translate this new message from Zawahiri's
old lady "Omayma Hassan Ahmed Mohammed Hassan" to the Muslima:
Sisters, is your sex life as terrible as mine? Do you find your husband prefers a goat to you? Do you wake up some days finding your husband has sploded himself or plans to? Do you secretly wish you could castrate him if only you could do it without having to use a magnifying glass?

Join me in planning the demise of our mujihadeen husbands. Send me a email and I will give you the details. My email is brothers have hacked this account)
BTW, I am still pi**ed I was outed. Stable Hand aka SH aka Ansar007

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