Monday, December 28, 2009

Chutzpah! U.S. Demands Israel Explain Terrorists Deaths

How dare the IDF splode terrorists.

Via Aaron Klein
JERUSALEM -- The Obama administration yesterday demanded the Israeli government explain why its military eliminated three terrorists in an operation this weekend.

"This is sheer chutzpah and is an unprecedented and strange request," said an Israeli security official familiar with the U.S. request.

Over the weekend, three terrorist suspects, all members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization, were killed in an Israeli raid intended to arrest the suspects upon information they killed an Israeli civilian last Thursday. The three Fatah terrorists were heavily armed and refused to surrender to the Israeli soldiers, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Israel had information that all three were responsible for the terrorist shooting of Meir Hai, a 40-year-old West Bank Jewish teacher and father of seven, who was murdered on a road near his home in an area where Israel had recently lifted a roadblock restricting Palestinian movement [Requested by Obama and others....ed]
This is not good.
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