Sunday, December 20, 2009

Taliban: Must Suck to be Offed by a Lady Eh?

Via LATimes
Reporting from Dubai — A California Army National Guard group was attacked Saturday by a "complex double-ambush" from Taliban fighters along a treacherous mountain road in eastern Afghanistan while the unit was returning from helping farmers in isolated villages, the Army reported today.

The Californians' slow-moving six-vehicle convoy was attacked by two groups of Taliban firing medium machine guns and AK-47s. Most of the vehicles were hit and one was slightly disabled with a flattened tire and a bullet hole in the windshield, the Army reported.[...]

The Guard soldiers, from the 40th Infantry Division, returned fire at the groups, one in a cave in the mountain, another hiding across the Kunar River. The U.S. estimates that 15 to 20 Taliban were engaged in the ambush.

Spec. Kathy Tanson, the only woman among the Guard soldiers on the convoy, raked one of the ambush sites with fire from a 50-caliber machine gun mounted atop one of the U.S. vehicles.

There were no reported injuries among the California group. Infantry soldiers from the 1st battalion, 32nd regiment were quickly ordered into the area and engaged in an hourlong firefight with the Taliban, again with no U.S. casualties, the Army reported. Artillery and aircraft also pounded the Taliban positions.

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