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Daily Kos: State of the Nation-Pole Spamming

Isn't it wonderful how these idjits do things......
Daily Kos: State of the Nation
First Order of Business: REC THIS DIARY! Keep it out there where everyone can see it.

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Here are some things you need to keep in mind.

1. THIS IS A NETROOTS EFFORT! We need YOUR help, not simply to vote in these polls, but to help us find them! If you came here expecting me to have already done all of the work for everybody and provide a list of links directly to online polls, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I have no idea who is going to put up a poll or where they are going to put it. Besides, this is a gargantuan task. I've done my best to provide a good starter list, but it's not perfect. YOU need to find exact locations and give the rest of us updates. This is a team effort!

2. Be patient! Not all of these sites put polls up right away. Some do. Some take an hour or more after the debate. Some may take several hours. Be patient. If you can't find a poll move on and check back.

3. Do what you can. I'm aware that looking for polls is a pain in the ass. If you get tired or frustrated, come back later. We should have a pretty substantial list ready for you to vote on. Get your friends and family to vote on them too.


4. Search YOUR local media market. We have Kossacks all over the country. Let's take advantage of that fact. Be sure to search the media websites for YOUR local market (newspapers, TV, radio, blogs, etc.), especially if you live in a swing state. This will help us reach the most media outlets in the most places.

5. National polls are important too. It's important to look for polls on national and even international sites also, so don't ignore them, but don't focus on them exclusively. Work on them after you've covered your local media outlets or work a couple in among your local searches.

6. Use the subject line for your comment to maximum advantage. I suggest following a standard format for links to polls. Use the 2-letter state abbreviation, in caps, followed by the word "LINK", colon and the name of the news outlet. For example: FL LINK: Orlando Sentinel. If a link needs to be corrected, put something like CORRECTION: Orlando Sentinel, and be sure to attach the correction to the post that contained the original link, if possible. This will make them easy for others to find and vote on as they go down the comments list. If you have a status update, precede it with the word "UPDATE", such as UPDATE: Need help on AOL poll!

7. Vote early and vote often! You can vote multiple times on many of these polls by using different browsers (IE then Firefox, etc.) by deleting cookies from the poll site or just by voting over and over again.

8. Don't forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses. If somebody finds and posts a good link, don't be afraid to show 'em a little love!


9. Freep the debate threads! This idea from m16eib: Hit the debate threads on blogs and message boards and tell them how Joe Biden rocked the debate and how Sarah Palin left America with a big, steaming pile of moose poo. Many of these sites have discussions DURING the debate as well as after, so you can hit some of them early and lay some demoralizing verbiage on our opponents.

10. Contact the media! Write at least one letter to the editor tomorrow on behalf of Obama/Biden! Here's a great media contact list, courtesy of thesill and another amazing list of media e-mail addresses thanks to Timroff.

11. Give to the Obama/Biden campaign!

12. Volunteer for the Obama/Biden campaign!

13. Give to the Orange to Blue candidates of your choice!

Just to get you started, here's a...


19 Action News (Cleveland/Akron, OH)
Altoona Mirror (PA)
Anchorage Daily News (AK)
AOL News (National)
Arizona Republic/KPNX-TV (Phoenix, AZ) [Updated]
Atlanta Journal Constitution (GA)
Augusta Chronicle (GA)
Bay News 9 (Tampa Bay Area, FL)
Centre Daily Times (State College, PA)
Charlotte Observer (NC) [Updated]
Chicago Tribune (IL) [Updated]
CNN (National)
The Daily Camera (Boulder, CO)
The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, CO)
Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL)
Denver Post (CO)
Drudge Report (Rigged)
FOX 8 (Cleveland/Akron, OH)
Fox News (National)
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (TX) [Updated]
The Gazette (Colorado Springs, CO --- James Dobson Country!) [Updated]
Houston Chronicle (TX)
KARE 11 (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)
KDKA 2 (Pittsburgh, PA) [Updated]
KETV 7 (Omaha, NE) [Updated]
KOAT 7 (Albuquerque, NM) [Updated]
KOB 4 (Albuquerque, NM) [Updated]
Muskegon Chronicle (MI)
MSNBC (National) [Updated]
NBC4 (Washington, DC)
New York Daily News (NY)
Newsday(Long Island, NY) [Updated]
News Channel 5 (Cleveland/Akron, OH)
The Oregonian (Portland, OR)
Orange County Register (CA)
Orlando Sentinel (FL) [Updated]
Palm Beach Post (FL)
Philadelphia Inquirer (PA)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) [Updated] (National)
Rocky Mountain News (CO)
San Jose Mercury News (CA)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)
TIME (National)
Toledo Blade (OH)
Virginian Pilot (Hampton Roads, VA)
Wall Street Journal (National)
WABC 7 (New York, NY)
WCCO-TV (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
WFTV 9 (Orlando, FL)
WHDH 7 News (Boston, MA)
WKYC 3 (Cleveland/Akron, OH)
WPTV 5 (West Palm Beach, FL)
WPXI 11 (Pittsburgh, PA)
WRCB-TV 3 (Chattanooga, TN)
WTAE-TV 4 (Pittsburgh, PA)
You Decide 2008 (Blog)

UPDATE: It's 6:00 EDT on Friday morning. Thanks to everybody who participated in the "Veep Freep" last night. We've produced an incredible list of polls from all across the America. Almost all of the polls are still up this morning. Please take a few minutes to vote in some of them.

One surprising thing we learned from last night is that Joe Biden is a much stronger candidate WITHOUT pie! As I write this, voters favoring Joe sans pie are up 57/42. Amazing!

(I personally prefer a cup of Joe with a slice of pie.)

I hope you'll come out and help us again on Tuesday for the next debate between soon-to-be-President Obama and crusty, old John McNuggets.

Obama's talking points above!

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