Monday, February 8, 2010

Al Qaeda Linked Al Shabaab Declares War On Kenya Then Retreats From Their Strongholds

Via Somali reporter extraordinaire Rahm
Al-Shabab fighters have reportedly vacated their strongholds in Mogadishu ahead of a government offensive.According to sources, the group has been pulling out all its weapons and vehicles from its main stronghold ever since they heard the reports of an imminent government attack.

Other reports also suggested that other Al-Shabab strongholds, including the Daynile district, have witnessed large movements of military personnel and equipment. It is unclear if this is a military tactic that Al-Shabab is employing. In addition, five people were killed and dozens of others injured on Sunday in shelling that rocked parts of the Somali capital Mogadishu, medics and witnesses said...
They prefer to flog, hack,bury alive, behead etc. innocent Somalis than face real opposition.

Al Shabaab declares jihad on Kenya

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Santa said...
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Santa said...

God bless USA indeed, especially USArmy and USAirForce !
God bless my dear friends known as the "Bosnia Buzzards", members of the 510th Fighter Squadron who flew during 1993-1994 more than 1,700 combat sorties from Aviano AB, Italy, in support of Operation Deny Flight, and later during Operation Deliberate Force and Operation Deliberate Guard, all in the skies over Bosnia-Herzegovina when the squadron became the "Bosnia Buzzards".
These guys and their Tank-killers A-10 Thunderbolt II and F-16 CG Viper, wherever they are right now, will always have our thoughts and pray with them.

Good luck and God speed guys wherever you flying at this moment, particularly to my heroine in cockpit !