Saturday, February 27, 2010

(UPDATED)YouTube Video: F**k Israel - Jew Hater Comment From Californianboy626 Who Also Made Fun Of Daniel Pearls Beheading & Claims To Be A US Soldier

UPDATE: The scum closed his account, apparently the heat was too much for him. He left this message at my account:
Californianboy626 (2 hours ago)

Am serving with FFL French Foreign Legion,and French reservist,soon I will deploy with them .
Army infantry 34th division
I also have the moon to sell him CHEAP...I also will be on the lookout for his reappearance

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I commented on the NOW REMOVED vid, thank you YouTube and received this reply from who says he is a US Soldier?
fuck you jew get the fuck out of israel its not even your land,even the babylonian hated your people you fucking skum go dig a hole and wait for david to come rescue you fuck david he got beheaded by muslims yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder what the military would think about this?

Cross posted at Jawa Report:ATTN YouTube User Californiaboy626: Are You REALLY A U.S. Soldier? Why Did You Make Fun Of Daniel Pearls Beheading?


StarCMC said...

No way that loser is a soldier.

Zionist Spy said...

Agreed Star