Monday, March 1, 2010

(UPDATED)UK: As Shabab Media Presents - "The West and the Dark Tunnel" - Online Terrorism

UPDATE: JihadMediaTV went bye, bye.

Via Jawa Report

Threatening more Tube bombings[NTA]
The UK’s Daily Express reports that secret services are desperately trying to identify an Al Qaeda Lord Haw Haw speaking on a disturbing video threatening more Tube bombings and attacks on the Queen and political leaders.

The British terrorist has a distinct east London accent and is clearly at the heart of all new operations being planned by Osama bin Laden’s terrorist organization.
More on this from Express.Co.UK. They mention the video is called "The West & the Dark Tunnel. There is a group of old videos (Oct 09) narrated by American turned alQaeda terrorist Adam Gadahn. Unable to find this certain one, if indeed it in this group of vids or a new one from this user: JihadMediaTV
Like Lord Haw Haw broadcasting from Nazi Germany in the war, the sinister propagandist tries to rile followers against Britain and introduces a message smuggled out of jail from Abu Qatada, who has been described as Al Qaeda’s ambassador to Europe.

The film, ominously called The West and The Dark Tunnel, depicts a graphic showing train lines leading into a tunnel.

There are also shots of the 7/7 London bombings with an underlying threat that more actions are being actively planned.
BTW, JihadMediaTV needs to be gone, just sayin.

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