Monday, February 15, 2010

US Air Force Nurse Lucy Lekhar Is An Angel

Michael Yon's dispatch from Afghanistan showed a image of a US Air force nurse comforting a wounded Canadian soldier This is what she told Yon
As the Critical Care Air Transport Team Nurse in the picture, it is truly my honor to transport these brave men and women here in theater! This brave young man was sedated but arousing, I was telling who I was, where he was, what injuries he had and where we were going. He calmed right down. He was our teams 70th critical care patient since being here in theater, truly I have been blessed many times over this deployment.

God Bless,

Major "Lucy" Lehker,
February 15, 2010
God Bless this nurse...she is truly special and thank you Michael for sharing this with us...stay safe!

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