Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Angie Jackson, Hey Look At Me I'm Tweeting My Abortion

Disgusting way to gain attention....gawd.

Via Weasel Zippers
“I’m doing this to de-mystify abortion,” she says, “so other women know, ‘Hey, it’s not nearly as terrifying as I had myself worked up thinking it was.”
Tell that to the child you destroyed.


Anonymous said...

yeah - and tell it to yourself 3 years from now when you realize what you've actually done.

I had an unwanted chemical pregnancy over 10 years ago (meaning it got to 5.5 weeks and spontaneously ended through no action of mine) and I still mourn the lost baby in some small way.


LeahGG said...

While I agree that the idea of tweeting an abortion is ... icky at best... this woman isn't exactly a baby-killer. It seems that pregnancy was a significant health risk for her and she had no reasonable option but to terminate (unless you think her first child doesn't deserve to grow up with a mother, but the Torah, for example, would say that you MUST terminate the pregnancy if the mother's life is in danger.).