Friday, February 12, 2010

"Moral Orel", Cartoon Network's Assault On Mohammed

Got your attention eh?

Via Examiner
The evolution of animated features, running parallel with the devolution of traditional, Judeo-Christian values in American society, has sunk to an all-time low as exemplified by the Cartoon Network’s series “Moral Orel,” created by Dino Stamatopoulos, also known for contributions to The Ben Stiller Show and Mr. Show.

“Orel,” named for its main character, Orel Puppington, a young boy from a monumentally dysfunctional family, dishes on the claymation “Davey and Goliath” motif, sans the faithful canine companion. But this stop-action cartoon is, mildly putting it, the antithesis of its Lutheran Church produced counterpart.Carolyn Lawrence of Sandy (the squirrel) Cheeks, SpongeBob Squarepants fame, pushes poor taste and religious vitriol to unfathomable depths. For example, included in Orel’s “God fearing” repertoire is a special song he wrote for a school pageant - and which his church’s congregation joyfully sings - called “I hate you Jesus,” with “inspiring” lyrics that go like this:

I hate you Jesus
You rotten little fink
Your sermon never pleases
And your parables all stink

Your eyes are beady
Nose is weird
A goofy basket case
I'd like to take your stupid beard
And rip it off your face

Prancing gaily on the water
A long-haired scrawny clod
You may be someone’s daughter but
You sure ain't the son of God...

I hate you Jesus
With your boring miracles
You smell like a hunk of cheese
That's been shoved right up... my nose
Will the Cartoon Network do one about Mohammed and Aisha, you know, to be fair?

File this under assmaggots

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Anonymous said...

The episode in question is a little more layered and complex than you make it out to be. In it, the song is written for a school pageant about Jesus and Judas. Judas, the villain, sings the song about hating Jesus. It's obvious in the episode that the play is written by an angry man who doesn't understand the story of the Passion. But, since it's such a catchy tune, everyone who sees it ends up humming and singing the liveliest song. You see, the town is seduced into saying something they don't believe because the "media" (the school play) has presented something repugnant in a slick and seductive manner. They are distracted from the message of the Passion by the bells and whistles of an entertaining villain, Judas. The episode is not about hatng Jesus. Far from it. It's about how we can lose sight of The Way when we just see things for there surface, shallow, immediate value.

sbf2009 said...

The show's main premise is of Orel's innocence and good nature constantly pointing to true moral north, until it is perverted by his elders and their poor interpretation of what Christianity should be. The longest running joke of the show, Clay's "65 Lost 10 Commandments", are the best example of this. They speak on matters promoting racism, xenophobia, and excessive prudishness that do not appear in The Bible, but are seen far too often in the "Christian" culture found in 1950's to present day America.

The show Moral Orel does not speak against Christianity in general or good Christians, just to the perversion of the Word that has developed in our culture. The creator of the show even offers his interpretation of the finale as God's message to Orel that his life will get better. Yes, many points of the show feature blasphemy as shock value, but this is to point out the flaws in the people, not Christianity itself.