Saturday, October 2, 2010

" One Nation Rally " Their True Face (Updated)

This is the respect that the socialists, progressives, unions, and all the other minions of the leftist show to our warriors that lost their lives defending not just freedom in the United states of America but all over Europe and in the Pacific. This is a National War Monument Of WWII for those that lost their lives defending the very God given rights that this country was founded upon. Stay classy leftist progressives ... stay classy.
AKC at MPJ has more on this great gathering of such highminded progs

Update by ZH#1 DougRoss@journal. Has more images of these assmaggots:

Pigs, the lot of you!


ZH#2 aka Allahakchew aka SH said...

Nasty bunch of fecking assholes. Bastards, fuck all of them!

Third Zionist Whore said...

I can not stand these people they are the complete opposite of what being an American is all about!