Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Times Square Bomber Gets Life

Faisal Shahzad was sentenced to life in prison today for the attempted mass murder of innocent New Yorkers. ABC has a lengthy story about this man and the sentencing. What should jump out to every citizen of this country is the back and forth between the sentencing judge and Shahzad when she queried him on his oath that he took to become a citizen of this country. She asked Mr. Shahzad if he had not taken an oath of allegiance to the United states Of America to which he replied that he had but did not mean it at the time. In other words he lied. This type of lying goes to the heart of the matter where Islam is concerned. In Islam it is perfectly fine and even commanded that you lie to any non-Muslim to achieve your aims and this includes killing citizens on the streets where they work, play, and live. It is called Taqiyya and the very existence of a religion that encourages lying should give pause to those that argue for a multicultural country .... No Virgina not all cultures are equal or desirable. The Middle East Forum has an excellent article on Taqiyya. As they say read it all! I would also caution everyone that celebrates the successful prosecution of this case because Mr. Shahzad proudly admitted to everything and therefore it was quiet easy to convict him without revealing secret intelligence or collecting practices.

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