Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sarah Palin, American traitor?

It appears that I may have misjudged Mrs. Palin. Video has recently been found showing Sarah Palin signing an American Flag!

Signing the flag is a clear violation of the US Flag Code, a non-legally binding set of rules for the use and display of the flag meant to discourage disrespectful behavior like this "legitimate act of self-expression" (photo credit, Zombie):

And here I thought she was one of the last true Patriots! Thankfully we have the comments of popular liberal blogs (which I won't be sending hits to by linking) to set us straight. Sarah Palin is not only disrespectful of the flag, but she's an obvious traitor to America!

Which got me thinking... if Sarah Palin is a turncoat for her blatant disrespect for the flag, who ELSE might be a closet America-hating Benedict Arnold? Well, I did some research and was shocked - SHOCKED - at the results. Sarah Palin joins the ranks of treasonous scum like:

The 2006 United States World Cup soccer team
Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans (and Ms. Jones's 6th grade class)
Former President Jimmy Carter
Th 1980 United States "Miracle on Ice" Hockey Team
Jonny 5 of The Flobots (signed after their performance at the Democratic National Convention)
President Barack Obama (signed over a photograph of the American Flag)
9/11 Survivors and First Responders
B Company "BlackSheep" of the 209th Aviation Support Battalion

Stay safe out there, people. These flag-signing enemies of freedom are more numerous than I thought possible!

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