Friday, January 29, 2010

Bid to Quash John Edward's (Breck Girl) Sex Tape

Breck girl has a sex tape? Wow, who knew. Current MSM interest is Mass. Senator Scott Brown's centerfold in Cosmo not a XXX rated sex tape by Breck girl.

Via Smoking Gun
JANUARY 29--John Edwards's ex-mistress is seeking to suppress what appears to be a sex tape featuring her and the disgraced politician, according to court records.

Rielle Hunter yesterday secured a restraining order against a former Edwards aide in connection with "a personal video recording that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature."

Andrew Young, the ex-Edwards assistant, has said he is in possession of a tape showing Edwards having sex with a woman he believes to be Hunter, who gave birth to Edwards's daughter Frances Quinn in February 2008. According to an affidavit filed yesterday in North Carolina Superior Court, Hunter reported that she was having an "intimate relationship" with Edwards in 2006, and that the video was made around September of that year
Who in their right mind would want to watch I love my hair Edwards having sex?

The bastard cheated on his wife suffering from breast cancer....f**k him!

h/t Chip

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