Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stable PSA: Soldier's Angels Patriotic Web Domains For The Angels

Soldiers’ Angels is honored to be the current “Cause of the Month.” This means that 50% of the company’s January 2010 profits from selling domain registration/appraisal, security certificates and web hosting will go to Soldiers’ Angels.

US Web Domains is a start-up company committed to donating 50% of its profits to charities and organizations that support the military, law enforcement agencies, and educators. Soldiers’ Angels will be the very first Cause of the Month for the company.

In addition, US Web Domains will create a permanent page for Soldiers’ Angels, “profiling what you are doing for the military community,” says Ernest "Calvin" Seymour III, president of US Web Domains.

Soldiers’ Angels salutes for their patriotism and generosity, and encourages Angels to share the word about this big-hearted company among friends and family in need of domain hosting/registration services.

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