Friday, January 8, 2010

Obama Administration: No GITMO Detainees Released On Our Watch Returned To Terrorism?!?!?

Wow, how stupid does this administration think we are???

Updated and clarified....

WASHINGTON--Illinois GOP Senate hopeful Rep. Mark Steven Kirk on Thursday said
"All the major leaders" of the Taliban opposition in Southern Afghanistan are former Guantanamo prisoners who have been released.

The Obama White House, asked to reply, made the point that the detainees released on their watch--about 42 in the past year--are not the detainees who have gone back into the terrorism business.

Sun-Times Political Writer Abdon Pallasch's report on Kirk speaking in Chicago Thursday here
Ummm, k if you say so Obama. However, why aren't you sending anymore GITMO detainees to Yemen as you did in the past?!?!?!

Here is Mark Kirk, who has apparently hurt the ones feelings:

A little tidbit from Pallasch's report:
While Kirk was deployed at his then-undisclosed location, one of Kirk’s primary rivals, Andy Martin, released a radio commercial questioning whether the recently-divorced Kirk is gay. Kirk said Thursday that ad was “untrue.”

“It’s ironic that I was there fighting for his rights while he was using his free speech rights to say something that wasn’t true,” Kirk said.
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