Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

My thoughts and prayers go to those affected by this terrible incident.

I may be political, well, I am, but why in the hell didn't Obama give the Fort Hood murders by a jihadist center stage instead of a secondary mention. Haiti center stage, Fort Hood....nada, Flight 253 crispy crotch jihadist center stage nada... Just sayin...

Special Hall to Honor Fort Hood Soldiers
Families of fallen soldiers now have a new place at Fort Hood to honor and remember their loved ones.

On Monday, the "Hall of Remembrance" officially opened up inside of the Survivor Outreach Services building.

The room features pictures of fallen soldiers submitted by their family members.

Program Manager Janeth Lopez said there is no other memorial like it at other Survivor Outreach Services across the country. According to her, the idea has been well received by family members.

"Feedback they've been giving us has been very positive, because it's letting them know again that their soldier is not forgotten," Lopez says

Sorry to seem like a uncaring arsehole, I care about all those in Haiti, I just want our President to care for our soldiers and not make light of what Nidal Hasan or the crispy crotch on flight 253 did.
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