Friday, January 8, 2010

Breitbart: "Sins, Lies & Missing Audiotape - How "Gawker" Duped Me Into A Interview"

A deliberate smear because MSM and their ilk are skeeerd of Andrew. They can't denounce his stories so they smear. It's in their playbook.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of answering the following email, addressed to Big Government editor Mike Flynn, promptly:

Hi Mr. Flynn,

I’m a reporter from the Business Insider working on a short item about the new Big Journalism site launched today. Any chance you’d have Breitbart’s email so I can get in touch with him?

Would appreciate it so much.

Best regards,


Gillian Reagan

The Business Insider

XXX Fifth Avenue, 7th Fl

New York, NY 10003


twitter: XXXXXXX

I spoke with Ms. Reagan for about ten minutes and gave her a long explanation as to why I started Big Journalism. I awoke to something so far off from what I said that I called her back and asked her specifically about the following quote that is a composite of her question, a hodge-podge of my response and flat out lies.

Let me begin with the biggest deception of all: Business Insider is a front for Gawker, the notorious leftist/media snark site. If she had been up front with me, like any sane person I never would have responded. (Go to to see why.) But she came to me under false pretenses. Read the rest
This is the image of him that was used in the article. Took some editing to get the right "mean look" didn't it? Hah, idiots.

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