Friday, January 29, 2010

Facebook Jihad: "The Solution To Ending Prostitution" The Taliban Way

Facebook gives a platform to these terrorist loving bastages who approve of stoning women:

The solution to ending prostitution is not jail. Once they are out, they will continue their filthy work. And to jail someone forever is psychological torture.

The solution to ending prostitution is not through rehab centers. Many of them are good at faking their own rehab; or if they do take it sincerely, satan always lures them back to their filth. And if their society promotes adultery, they will be back in their filth in full swing in a short matter of time.

The solution to ending prostitution is through sheer and utter force.

For a person to be a prostitute, the punishment should always be harsh so that others will know the consequences for doing it (thus decreasing the chances of prostitutes).

And for a person to run a prostitution ring, the punishment should always be harsh for the same reason.

Islaam intends to get rid of evil from the root as this is the most effective way to purify the lands.

Alhamdullilaah, in recent past, the Taliban caught two women who were running a prostitution ring that was serving US and foreign troops as well as the Afghan Apostates! So they were committing adultery and supporting the army of satan. The entire ring was shutdown and its leaders were punished in public[...]

Of course, the disbelievers want you to think it’s barbaric… but tell me… is it more barbaric to eventually allow the prostitutes their freedom or to stop them cold in their sin which is destroying and eating away at humanity and its basic morals?

AllahuAkbar, may Allah protect the Mujaahideen and allow them to continue establishing the Shari’ah, showing the world the wisdom behind the law of Allah ‘Azza wa Jall.

P.S: Keep in mind that the Taliban are not barbarians so for them to execute these women, they held a trial and convicted the accused based on evidence.
My arse they aren't barbarians!

This is who you looked up to arseholes:

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