Thursday, January 7, 2010

Iran: Student Activist Naseh Faridi Sentenced To Prison And 74 Lashes

Mad Mullah's laying on the punishment for those who want democracy. Assmaggots.

Via Persion2English
Yesterday morning, Naseh Faridi,(pictured above) along with his lawyer Mohammad Oliayifard, went to Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court. They were informed of Naseh’s sentence of six years in prison and 74 lashes[...]

Naseh, a human rights activist, was charged with “acting against national security” and “disturbing public order.” He received the maximum sentence allowed under the law for both charges.
Other recent news on the student activists:

Families of prisoners gather at the courts and Evin prison
Starting at 8:00am, more than 80 family members headed to the Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office to track down the arrested. After several hours of protests without receiving any answers from the prosecutor's office, the family members decided to leave.

It is believed that a number of the detainees were also present in the court, and hearing this news caused the family members to become more worried.
Salman Sima sentenced to 8 yrs in prison
The Family of Salman Sima, the Azad University student, said after meeting with him on December 2, 2009, that Salman was badly beaten causing a fractured finger and intense pain in his chest.

Salman Sima was first arrested July 8, 2009 by the Ministry of Intelligence and was kept in ward 209 of Evin Prison.

Salman Sima is the third member of the Students Organisation that has been condemned to hard punishment. Ahmad Zeydabadi and Abdollah Momeni are the names of the other two.
The Families of Sourena Hashemi & Alireza Firoozi confirm their arrests
After one week of no news on Sourena Hashemi and Alireza Firoozi, their family members have confirmed their arrests.

Bamdad News: After one week of not knowing the status of Sourena Hashemi and Alireza Firoozi, two students at the University of Zanjan, their relatives confirmed that they were arrested by intelligence agents. Limited information is available on the conditions of the two prisoners.
My thoughts and prayers are with those that have fought and still fighting for a Free Iran.

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