Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Can Has Juice Bunkerbuster?

Via Arutz Sheva
( Israel is putting its scariest military technology on the market, one that can kill a man with sounds waves. Its mild-mannered alter-ego, however, is being used to scare man's feathered friends away from airports.

The Jewish State's military industry now plans to market the cutting-edge “bunker buster” weapons technology in the form of a sonic cannon[...]

The process used in the new "bunker buster" technology, patented as Pulse Detonation Technology (PDT), is much the same as the pulse-detonated fuel-air mixtures used in the Argus “pulse jet” that propelled the “Doodlebug” V-1 cruise missiles used by the Nazis in World War II.
Gotta love those evil Juice

h/t Bubbe in comments at Jawa Report

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