Friday, February 5, 2010

Taliban Threaten to Murder American Hostage Pfc. Bowe Robert Bergdahl if al Qaeda Operative Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Not Released

Below is the first tape rec'd of Pfc Bergdahl:

Via Jawa Report
PESHAWAR: The Afghan Taliban on Thursday demanded the release of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist who has been convicted by the US court on charges of her alleged attempt to murder US soldiers in Afghanistan, and threatened to execute an American soldier they were holding currently. They claimed Aafia Siddiqui’s family had approached the Taliban network through a Jirga of notables, seeking their assistance to put pressure on the US to provide her justice.

“Being Muslims, it becomes our religious and moral obligation to help the distressed Pakistani woman convicted by the US court on false charges,” said a senior Afghan Taliban commander.
Rusty chimes in
UPDATED and bumped by Rusty: Okay, let me reemphasize the seriousness of the Aafia Siddiqui case in the Muslim world. Think about the fallout of the Mohammad cartoons -- the riots, the deaths threats, the acts of terror -- and that is the scale of the outrage in the Muslim world over Siddiqui's conviction.

Muslims around the world are convinced that the US routinely kidnaps Muslim women, holds them, tortures them, and worse. Yeah, stupid and yet this is what they believe. Siddqui's conviction is "proof" of this to them.

Yet, isn't this screaming irony even while her family claims that she is innocent and is in no way an Islamist extremist (overlooking both their own ties to al Qaeda's longtime allies in the L-e-T, her marriage to Khalid Shiekh Mohammad's nephew, and KSM's admission that she is an al Qaeda agent) that they have turned to the Taliban for help?
Hypocrisy my name is Taliban, alQaeda.

Bergdahl and his family are in my thoughts and prayers, I only hope he is still alive, but it's dimming.

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