Thursday, June 24, 2010

Al X? Man Charged With Having Sex With Horses


Nope, not Al X:

A 37-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly having sex with several horses, police said.

Byron Christopher Jordan was apparently caught in the act Tuesday morning by the owner of the horses, who called Covington police. Jordan was charged with bestiality, a felony in Georgia, and with giving an officer a false name.

Lt. Wendell Wagstaff told the Covington News that Jordan was wearing only dirty pajama bottoms with the fly open. He also reportedly had a strong odor, according to the report
The crazy dude definitley doesn't have horse sense. Lulz

Kinda related, post by Hetz Shahor:

Al X wants $20,000 or...what, exactly?
Internet Haganah notes that Al X of Revolution Muslim - a loyal fan of The Jawa Report, to be sure - has released a new audio message. In it Mr. X addresses both Rusty and the FBI. To the latter he offers to leave the country, sort of, not completely, but kind of, and in a year, or maybe two months, in exchange for having his school loans paid off and $20,000 dropped into his bank account, at which point he's gone.

Listen for yourself
$20,000 would buy a lot of horses, showers, & new jammies wouldn't it?

But again, he is not the man arrested. I do not mean to imply Al X would have sex with horses, I do not know Al X personally, I have only followed him on  teh web. He talks crazy, lives in Georgia, so I automatically thought of him.

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