Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ship Of Fools Incident: Reader Love Mail From Eyad, A Misunderstander Of Unarmed Meaning

My inbox, from a person calling himself Eyad [Redacted]. Have been conversing with this fecker . I suppose he was too chicken to comment at Jawa, where I am a co-blogger.

F**k changed to feck.

Date: Mon, May 31, 2010 at 8:55 PM
Subject: fuck (feck, missed that) you, racist, islamophobic, bigoted scum

Feck you, stupid cunt whore. youre a hateful bitch who IS RACIST AGAINST ARABS. the palestinian issue is not an islamic one. its an arab issue. but youre WHITE SUPREMACIST mindset prevents you from even accepting the truth. go feck yourself, feckin shitbag.
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For you Eyad:


Don't feckin mess with me Eyad, I don't place nice.

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A.W. said...

um, you missed a f--k, in your bleeping it out. not that i give a frak, but apparently you give a frak, so fyi...

Btw, frak is so much more fun as a word.

ZH#2 aka Allahakchew aka SH said...

A.W., freck comes from Rusty's post

"F*ck (feck, in polite company) is still the favorite word of the Irish people and nearly every one you meet has a cousin in the US".

Frak is good, friggin is good but we are using feck for the time being. I find the word damn funny!!

ZH#2 aka Allahakchew aka SH said...

Ooops, just saw it. ROFLMAO