Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wanna Play "Beat the Jew" Game?

Sorry, you can't
Seven seniors at a Southern California high school are facing disciplinary action for participating in a game called Beat the Jew, in which losers were subjected to "incineration" or "enslavement", a school administrator says.

The game involved some students playing the role of Nazis, who blindfolded and dropped off other students playing Jews who must find their way back to the campus, said Sherry Johnstone, assistant superintendent of personnel for Desert Sands Unified School District.

It was not immediately clear exactly how losing players were punished, she said.
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There is more, lots more about this. The students are now under criminal investigation
Students at La Quinta High School who participated in the online game are being referred to as "Nazis." They allegedly "chased down other students" at their school who were identified as being Jewish. Sherri Johnstone, assistant superintendent for personnel at the Desert Sands Unified School District, described the "game" to LA Now:
The game, which gathered participants via Facebook, is a complicated contest of tag, in which "Jews" are taken, blind-folded, by car to a place off campus and have to make their way back to base, while pursued by "Nazis."
Jews weren't willing participants, they were forced. No one played a Jew.

BTW, playing Nazi's? Maybe like "Goatly, Nasheed expert", Asadullah Alshishani? The alQaeda lover who's nasheed messed up your hearing by listening to his tribute to OBL? I posted it awhile back. Also, I posted the words to his anti-Semitic nasheed regarding the Flotillas.

He played a Nazi in high school too. Meet Reichsleiter:
(From Hetz Shahor's post):Before he was Asadullah Alshishani - an allegedly Chechen-American al-Qaida activist and poet extraordinaire - he was an "Assistant Deputy Reichsleiter". That was a few years ago, and he was still in high school. File under "You Can't Make This Sh*t Up".
View his image below:


File this under feckin Nazi/islamofacist terrorist loving assmaggots

Update: Appears the first article, which doesn't give the full story, I used is the one being run with in most MSM sites.

Just a thought, what would happen if there was a game such as "Beat the Muslim" or "Beat the illegal alien"? You know the answer....

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